Join Z. Zane McNeill, editor of Queer and Trans Voices (Sanctuary Publishers, 2020) and Y’all Means All (forthcoming) and Darci McFarland, editor of Bible Belt Queers and Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist in a workshop unveiling the publishing process from the call for participation to proposal to contract phases. Publishing is purposefully complicated and expensive as a way to gatekeep writing and knowledge-making practices from marginalized communities. However, one way to challenge stereotypes, build community, and raise the voices of the oppressed is through community-led anthologies like Zane and Darci have led. We will cover funding options for self-publishing and grant-writing to provide stipends for authors, provide a proposal outline draft from a successfully contracted project, and be available for mentorship and consultations after this initial workshop.

Z. Zane McNeill is a published author with an MA in Political Science and a BA in History. They have worked as an editor, copy editor, and proofer for Lantern Publishing, the Activist History Review, and Bible Belt Queers and have been interviewed on writing and publishing in the series, How do we go forward? How do we go back? They have written for Sanctuary Publishers, PM Press, Palgrave, Peter Lang Publishing, the Bay Area Reporter,, QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking, TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, the Appalachian Journal, Journal of Appalachian Studies, and the Society for U.S. Intellectual History. They currently sit on the steering committee for the Appalachian Studies Association and are working on four anthologies concerning choreopolitics, socially engaged art, environmental humanities, and queer Appalachia. They have also acted as a peer reviewer for TSQ, the Journal for Critical Animal Studies, and Public Art Dialogue.

Darci is the creator and editor of Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist and Bible Belt Queers. She has an MA in Women’s & Gender Studies from Texas Woman’s University and a BA in Sociology from Arkansas Tech University. Her research on the “Psychological Effects of Abortions and Attitudes Towards Reproductive Rights,” co-authored by colleague Chelsea Farrar, is published in the International Journal for Humanities and Social Science. She is currently working on an upcoming illustrated coffee table book entitled Been Here. Been Queer. Millennial & Gen Z Changemakers in the Margins as well as Bible Belt Queers Cookbook, and in her free time she makes feminist & queer art.