“Having worked with Zane as both an editor and co-author, I can attest to their passion for creating scholarship that works across liberatory movements. Zane is a thought-provoking writer who is consistently challenging the bounds of academic disciplines and the scholar-activist divide. As an editor, Zane helps develop writing that uplifts marginalized voices and contributes to social justice.” –Rebecca Long, PhD student at Purdue University

“Matt Sparks is my to-go editor and proof-reader. Not only because of his linguistic and editing skills, but also because he always gives me valuable feedback that improves my overall writing materials and conveys my objectives clearly. He really can transform my writing from very good to excellent. I have known Matt for years and cannot recommend him enough for editing and copy-writing services.” –Leen Barghouti, Chief Communications Officer, Badael Foundation

“As an editor, Zane has been crucial in bringing groundbreaking articles to the Activist History Review. Having worked with Zane on several projects, I can say that whether you need help copyediting, setting deadlines, navigating the publishing process, or breaking through your writer’s block, you can count on their expertise and remarkable attention to detail. An incisive writer, original thinker, and tireless advocate, Zane will make your project stand out.” –Andreas Meyris, editor at the Activist History Review

“Matthew is an excellent and dedicated editor that I had the pleasure of working with during my time at Arab West Report. His attention to detail regarding copy-editing, and cultural awareness regarding transliteration and transcription of Arabic words and names is highly developed. As our in house editor, he had the final say on all documents before they were published either online or in print form, I would definitely recommend him highly for all of your editorial needs.” –Mohammad Abdelsalam Radwan, Professional English-Arabic, Arabic-English Freelance Translator

“Zane has edited several academic articles of mine that focus on decolonial theory, queer theory, and Appalachia. They offer thorough critique, recommend excellent resources, and transform my writing into the best it can be. They are amazing at making your writing professional, academic, and accessible all at the same time, and I highly recommend their services.” –Jessica Cory, editor of and contributor to the collection Mountains Piled upon Mountains: Appalachian Nature Writing in the Anthropocene

“Matt’s proofreading service was impeccable. It was not only about grammar and smoothness, he also tried to understand what I meant and then helped me to express myself better. Reading his editing was certainly a good way to learn too, my professional English definitely improved a lot after collaborating with him. I highly recommend his service!” –Shangyun Shen, MA student in Heritage Preservation, Sorbonne, Paris

“One of the best editor’s I’ve worked with. Their attention to detail and ability to helpfully restructure entire sections and pieces makes them an exceptional editor. Maybe most important is the way that they can carefully read, understand and see what you the author might have missed in your own work.” –Gabe Schwartzman, PhD student at University of Minnesota

“Having worked with Matthew sparks, I can endorse his editing and proofreading skills in academic articles, reports, and storytelling. He has guided me through my dissertation working on the failed Turkish coup d’état attempt of 2016. After sending him many drafts, he has helped modify and improve my writings. In addition, he has also provided insight on my master’s motivational letter and personal statements which later helped me to get accepted in the graduate major of international relations at Shandong University. Thus, I would recommend Matthew as someone who is dedicated, detail-oriented, and has a perfectionist’s attitude towards writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing.” –Mahmoud Magdy, Freelance Research and Language Editor

“Zane is a discerning editor who is reliable, prompt and patient. They excel at structural analysis of big picture concepts while simultaneously fine-tuning the nuanced details that make a project shine. Their thoughtful critique, steady encouragement and guidance helped to refine my chapter into a piece that I’m really proud of.” –Leah Kirts, a writer covering food, labor and queerness.

“Matthew Sparks has the ability to transform your mediocre work into a polished professional masterpiece. He works with you independently and provides exceptional customer service! I was ecstatic with the outcome!” –Brittney Bowling, Registered Dental Hygienist

“Zane is incredibly thorough and is super helpful in offering suggestions for the flow and organization of pieces. They are also supportive in keeping the essence of the work true to the writer’s intent.” –Kendall Loyer, PhD student at University of California, Riverside.

“Matthew was immensely helpful to me as an editor during my later BA studies while writing about analyses of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While I am a native speaker of Syrian Arabic and speak Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic fluently, I occasionally struggle with translating the meaning into English. Matthew is always my reference when it comes to correcting my work in English, and really knows how to polish my words to the highest degree.” –Ahmad Alsakran,  Arabic Instructor

“Zane is a great writer and editor. Their participation in Bible Belt Queers has been invaluable. If you need help with editing, they’ve got you!” –Darci McFarland, editor of Bible Belt Queers and Post-Traumatically Stressed Feminist

“Matt brings a lot of experience in academic research and writing. His expertise in conducting in-depth researches for publishing portals on various platforms helps him in understanding the requirements of his clients and the possibilities of their work very clearly. I have worked alongside Matt on multiple projects and Matt always manages to give a new direction to the research with his inputs. He also understands the international publishing standards and his works are calibrated to the scope and style of high-quality peer-reviewed journals largely from the social science and humanities domain. His flexibility in work and language proficiency further enables an easy experience for his clients and his very positive approach towards any project infills a lot of optimism for his clients.” –Nadeem Ahmed Moonakal, Dr. TMA Pai Fellow and PhD Candidate, Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India

“Zane is an awesome advocate, writer, and editor. They possess an encyclopedic range of knowledge in matters pertaining to social justice. Zane is a professional whose work with The Activist History Review is indispensable to the platform. If you are seeking an editor for your project, look no further than Zane!” –Darryl Walker, Jr., editor for The Activist History Review

“Matthew is sure to be an excellent addition to this creative partnership founded on progressive values. Matthew works fast and with a quick turnaround time, he helped make my project more professional and did an amazing job with proofreading (I know my English grammar and spelling is a nightmare). I would definitely recommend their services to any non-native English speaker like myself who wants to take their writings to a more professional level.” –Alnour Khaled, Demonstrator of Fine Arts, Alexandria University

“I worked with Zane on a range of projects. They’re an empathetic and insightful eye and their wide-ranging expertise is a valuable support to any kind of writing. They’re always flexible about my process and my deadlines, and I know when I send them work that it’s in safe hands.” –Dr. Fen Kennedy, University of Alabama

“As a practicing physician (though still a medical student) I often make online videos to help other students with the various concepts we are studying. Initially, I had many problems with translating and transcribing my videos into English in a professional manner (I am a native speaker of Arabic). Mr. Sparks helped me not only with the translation and transcription of my work on numerous occasions, but with improving my language and the overall presentation of the material. I now rely on Matthew for all of my editorial and English language needs. Matthew is a true professional and I deeply recommend him” –Sherif Gamal, Faculty of Medicine, 6th of October University

“Zane is incredibly passionate about their work, and will be about your work too. Never having been published before, I submitted my work to the Queer + Trans Voices anthology that Zane was co-editing and was met with the encouragement and excitement I needed to feel confident as a writer. They also connected me to their network of people passionate about the same topics as me, which has opened many doors for me!” –Moe Constantine, MA student

“I can’t say enough about Matthew Sparks’ developmental editing, copy-editing & proofreading skills. He has helped provide editing services that made students, colleagues, and authors happy, insisting on the highest quality and working smarter to make given service requests faster without ever sacrificing the customer experience. Matthew is a partner we’ve turned to time and again to innovate to make our services better, test new products, and provide valuable insight into how we can improve for our authors, corporate clients and vendors. Any client would be lucky to have Mathew as a partner.” –Hina Ali, Sr. Research Associate, Atlas Research, Washington DC

“Zane is a tirelessly dedicated activist and thinker. Over the last few years, Zane has consistently been a truly supportive, productive, and thoughtful member of our team at The Activist History Review.” –Mike Berry, head editor of The Activist History Review

“Matthew, was besides our employer, in my opinion, the next best thing to look up to. He takes great care and precision in his work, but simultaneously does not carry himself as a know-it-all. Rather, Matthew is a very diligent young man, who is always eager to learn and evolve into the best version of himself that he could ever be. Matthew was very much loved at the workplace and got along very well with both our employer and the rest of our colleagues. He was always open for a chat or a discussion and actively listened to our needs, input and suggestions. He always knew when to have a laugh, but also when to get down to business. Truthfully, it is a shame that we are no longer co-workers, because I enjoyed working with Matthew more than with anyone else.” –Romana Moussa, Freelance Social Media Marketeer

“Zane is a rockstar of an editor and a delight to collaborate with. They have been and continue to be an outspoken advocate for young scholars from marginalized communities. They are also extremely motivated and not only hit deadlines, but motivate and encourage others to do so as well.” – Alyssa Bowen, editor at the Activist History Review

“Those of us who live and write about lives and perspectives that are marginalized not only regarding identity (queer/trans/lgbtqia/BIPOC) but also regionally (Appalachian/rural/displaced) have few people to turn to for insightful editorial support.  Zane’s depth and breadth of political and academic savvy allow them to think through exactly the right questions, and offer framing that “gets it” while pushing me toward clarifying and deepening my vision.  Many of us feel like giving up sometimes because our point of view feels very lost in obscurity, but Zane can pull me back, helping me get the context and push I need to stay on track and contribute critical material for my own growth and connection with others.”   Chet H. Pancake, MFA