Consultations: Sparks & McNeill provides consultations pertaining to publications, research, and educational development. For those of you having trouble developing your work as a whole, we are happy to provide in depth developmental editing and/or ghostwriting services for all types and genres of writing (academic, fiction, non-fiction, etc.) Additionally, as activist scholars ourselves, we understand the importance of community education and engagement. If you or your organization is looking for recommendations for reading lists, syllabi, educational materials, or public and oral histories pertaining to marginalized communities or activism, we’re happy to help! Contact us today to set up an initial consultation. Our consultations start at $30.00/hour.

Editing Services: All of our editing services are catered to the unique needs of your project.

Sparks & McNeill currently offers 4 levels of editing services.

Basic Editing: Proofreading, minor structural changes and revisions starting at $20.00/hour at the estimated pace of 5–10 manuscript pages/hour.

Heavy Editing: In-depth structural changes and revisions starting at $30.00/hour at the estimated pace of 2–5 manuscript pages/hour.

Developmental Editing: Stylistic, structural and conceptual evaluation of your work starting at $30.00/hour at the estimated pace of 1–5 pages/hour.

Line Editing: Line-by-line comprehensive edit of manuscript starting at $35.00/hour at the estimated pace of 1–6 manuscript pages/hour.

All levels of our editing services include:

-Proofreading for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax,

-Troubleshooting for stylistic integrity (Chicago, APA, Harvard, MLA, etc.)

-Ensure citations, bibliography, and references are properly formatted.

-Provide copy-editing prior to publication.

Indexing: Preparing indexes for your manuscripts, starting at $35.00/hour at the estimate pace of 8–20 pages/hour.

Ghostwriting: Providing non-credited writing for any of your projects starting at $30.00/hour

Transcription: Transcription of interviews, notes, lectures, or any other audio files starting at $2.00/minute.