Sparks & McNeill LLC is a multi-disciplinary, public-interest firm based in Appalachia focusing on empowering historically marginalized communities through activist scholarship, education, and content creation, editorial and writing consultations, and organizational DEI audits and reports. Our firm works with institutions to develop community visioning, issue assessments, and stakeholder interviews through our facilitation and strategic planning.

We are available for individual consultations and editorial services for writers, scholars, and activists.

Our work is focused on creating a more equitable future through a multi-tiered business plan that supports writers, activists, scholars, and lifelong learners while also working with institutions on DEI issues, research, reports, and publications.

Editing and Critical Writing:

  • Creative problems require creative solutions, that’s why we founded Sparks & McNeill. We are dedicated to social justice and activist scholarship and recognize that writing and storytelling are inherently political tools that challenge hegemonic power structures. Many of us have had our voices written out of history, eclipsed, ignored, and spoken over. Many of us fight this marginalization through creating spaces to tell our own stories and uplift the voices from members of other oppressed groups.
  • We know from years of experience that it isn’t always easy to write, prepare a manuscript for publication, or obtain feedback on your unpublished works. This is all the truer if you come from a background where resources and other support networks are scarce. As Appalachian queers with years of experience in academic publishing, we can sympathize. Non/Academic publishing has many esoteric but unspoken rules and procedures that are hard to navigate. We are here to help dismantle this gatekeeping and support the work from our communities.
  • We are available for individual consultations and editorial services for writers, scholars, and activists.
  • Specializations: freelance writing, dissertations and theses, journal articles, books and edited collections

Education and Content Creation:

DEI Roots Consulting and Policy:

  • Sparks & McNeill, L.L.C.’s Root’s Diversity Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) Auditing service is a comprehensive toolkit designed to assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to our DEI benchmarks. During our Roots DEI audit, we will gather data to be used for evaluating your organizational policies, processes, and culture, providing deliverables in the form of in-depth reporting, and implementable suggestions for organizational improvement. We offer internal audits, as well as external equity impact assessments.
  • We are also here to work with academics, departments, conferences, and other institutions who would like to learn how to become welcoming spaces and support the work of marginalized folks. This includes diversifying syllabi, engaging in non-extractive research, and doing the work to recognize and dismantle racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia both internally and structurally.
  • With a focus on the improvement of diversity, equity and inclusion we offer content analysis, writing, and editing for projects, initiatives, and curriculum development for various forms of media, which include but are not limited to : Book projects, websites, social media campaigns & educational pamphlets.